Monday, 6 October 2014

Sylt no wind

Sylt finished and unfortunately there was no wind. Its a strange one because despite having the most inconsistent conditions on the wave tour, it is probably the best event off the water. Thousands of spectators, loads going on and great parties (although this is the first year that I dont enjoy any). This year we at least had a few heats run, even if the conditions were pretty on the edge, but no counting result. Still it was a great week, as Nayra and Lily came over and we had a lovely holiday! Now we head back to GC for 10 days before returning to France. I have a feeling it will be howling and make up for the rest of the year.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Denmark, RRD HQ and Sylt

Its been a hectic week. Denmark finished on the last day, in literally the last hour. I lost to Ricardo and was pretty gutted. I started the heat with a really high scoring wave but then couldn't back it up with a second wave. Even a half decent one would have put me through, but I made a few mistakes and in the really light winds and with a shorter heat than usual those mistakes proved too costly. I just about hang on to a top 10 place in the overall, but it was a lost opportunity to move higher.

An old classic for Andy King 
After that it was straight to Italy to see the guys at RRD head quarters. It was a flying visit but managed to test the new Firewings, design some new Wave Cults with Aurelio, plus sort out all future sail ranges for 2016 and beyond. To cap it off, the trip also coincided with Roberto's 50th Birthday party which got quite messy by the end.

Finally I ended up in Sylt where it looks like a long week ahead. The first day we had just about enough wind to get the contest started and it ran smoothly until my heat! Typically the wind dropped and the heat was cancelled meaning I am now in the 1st heat of the day and need to be on alert for every single early skippers meeting. Forecast is not too promising at the moment, but you never know in Sylt. Everything changes so quickly over here that its never over until its over.

Deradicallised to suit the conditions

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


I just got back from a fantastic weekend at the NationalWatersportsFestival. Once again the whole show was just amazing. Even in the light winds there was a massive turn out and the SUP's were enjoyed by everyone. Brogborough Lake dominated the windsurf racing which was great to see and best of all RRD absolutely dominated the marquee. Dave White once again constructed the most outstanding stand of everyone and all the gear looks fantastic. Such a positive vibe for everything. A few days at home now before the North sea tour starts with the PWA Cold Hawaii Event next week.

Monday, 11 August 2014


Just got back from the Tenerife PWA World Tour wave event. I finished 13th. Not great, but also could have been worse. It means I sit in 8th overall for the year at the moment, but with potentially 4 more events to come, a lot can happen. In the single I lost out to Klaas, who then went on to finish 4th in the single. Then in the double after advancing past Ben I met Moritz Mauch. I beat him in Pozo 2 weeks ago, but he got his revenge here. He had an 8 and a 9 point wave to count and didn't even need to do a jump. Bit embarrassing really, but good to see him putting some great heats together. His riding style is one of the best on the tour already and he is only 17 I think! Now finally I have a couple of weeks at home before the Autumn goes nuts again.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Fuerte Slalom PWA

As I have all the slalom gear now, and Fuerte is just a ferry ride across I thought I would give it a go and see how our sails are really going. So far its been a very steep learning curve. Its been years since I raced properly, and with the no rules racing on the PWA its definitely pretty aggressive at times. Super fun though and I am happy to say the sails are working well around the race course. Just need to sort myself out a bit better and hopefully I can get a few OK results.

Photo: JC/PWA

Sunday, 20 July 2014

5th Pozo

After a long week of waiting Pozo finally got underway today and we managed to complete the single elimination. I finished 5th which is my best Pozo result ever I think, so very happy. I spent most of the winter trying doubles with Pons and the training paid off, with the double being the difference in all my heats. I lost to Brawzinho, but happily put up a good fight, just losing out by a tiny bit overall. Huge thanks to RRD, MFC and Massive congratulations to Victor. He put on one of the most perfect displays of Pozo wave sailing I have seen. Ricardo managed 2nd with his foot all stitched up and Brawzi finished 3rd. Next stop Fuerte to give slalom a go for a change!

Pic:John Carter PWA.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Pozo preparation

The 1st PWA comp of the year is just around the corner and like always the worlds best have turned up to train and get used to the conditions. The level looks to have jumped even higher. Lots of doubles, lots of push forwards and lots of 360 variations on the waves! For me I am very happy to final start to get consistent with backside 360's. I can honestly say that for me it has been the move that has caused me the most trouble out of everything. Finally thanks to some great tips from Josep Pons, they are starting to come together quite nicely. Check out his website ( and/or his Facebook page.

A little frontside 360. Thanks to Jose Pina.

Monday, 23 June 2014


I just had the most amazing trip to Mauritius for the RRD Distributor meeting. The place is a windsurf paradise, which I don't think could be any better, even if you designed a spot from scratch. Flat water lagoon, small waves, big waves, heavy waves... and we had wind everyday except one. The highlight for me was the last day. Most of the week I was working with the distributors making sure they had fun on the water, but the last day my priority was getting some pictures and video of the new 3 batten sail coming soon. It turned out to be an epic day with perfect logo to mast high waves and wind to get around easily. One Eye is one of the best waves I have ever sailed and I am claiming that it was one of my best 5 sessions ever. Maybe I have just been a bit wave starved recently, but the afternoon session was perfect and just 3 guys out. Its now back to GC, which is a bit of a shock! Not much wind at the moment but its been great for some light wind Firewing testing. Wind is back tomorrow, waves arriving on Wednesday, and then I think it will be the full summer circus again.

Photo: Dave White (sat in the channel, dealing with the worst boat driver ever!)